USS Taylor

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Starter - Common - 2/8




My strong choice for best unit in the revised starter, the Taylor is an answer to many USN woes. She sports an excellent cost, respectable guns, strong DD anti-air, expected USN torpedoes, a Fletcher class's improved armor, and an ASW rating that when combined with sub-hunter, gives the USN the ability to finally clear out enemy sub threats on its own.

Previous USN sub-hunters had a hard time staying in front of your battleline but not the Taylor. Don't use her for ship to ship combat, and escort her with Hellcats or Wildcats as she makes a run at those enemy subs, but once she's within range three of those cursed IJN or KM subs, she'll help protect your big ships for those pesky torpedo threats that subs offer.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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