USS Washington

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Rare - 33/64


Laid down as the second ship of the North Carolina class of BBs, she and her sister experienced many teething problems during their shakedown cruises, mostly in the form of severe vibration above 23 knots. While never completely remedied, it was brought down to manageable levels. Washington is credited with sinking the Kongo class battlship Kirishima during the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.


Washington is a solid BB for the USN. For 58pts she has the knockout power to damage even the mighty Yamato and Musashi, but with 8 armor and 14 vital armor she can buckle under the weight of an enemy BB broadside. Her 5"/38 dp guns contribute to her 8 AA, their short range can be a handicap when enemy cruisers and destroyers close in.

The 1941 year is the key to this unit.

The Washington can take on the best, think of it as a cheaper alternative for an Iowa with similar attributes and SA's.

More recent sets have somewhat eclipsed USS Washington. For the same price you can get USS Massachusetts, which loses the flag-1 (which is usually fairly superfluous in US builds) but gains 1 armor. Or if you need the flags, you can pay 2 points more to get the much more impactful flag-2 (along with AA barrage) from USS North Carolina.

Massachusetts and Carolina should both be considered superior under just about any circumstances, but this is still a very solid ship. It is also worth noting that, if you're playing with a 1941 year restriction, of the three, this is your only option; Mass. and Carolina both have a date of 1942.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Quite possibly to most detailed sculpt of any set so far.

Agreed, this is an extremely detailed and nice looking mini, only the rear turret fouls the structure so wont turn.

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