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USS Wasp (CV-7) was the last American aircraft carrier completed before the second World War. She was built with the benefits of the Yorktown class in mind while trying to adhere to the remaining tonnage alotment from the Washington Naval treaty. The result was a carrier similar to the Yorktown design, but with a protection plan similar to the older Ranger design.

When war began for the US, Wasp was currently engaged in Neutrality patrols in the Atlantic. She later sailed alongside the British in her most famous actions of her career, carrying out two ferrying missions to reinforce the island of Malta with fighter aircraft. However with the loss of Lexington at the Coral Sea battle and the Yorktown at Midway, Wasp was ordered to sail to the Pacific and support the Guadalcanal campaign.

This however, brought her within the sights of the Japanese submarine I-19. Surprised by the sudden attack, Wasp took three torpedoes and suffered from gas-fed fires that doomed the ship.


Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
Most US carriers are reasonably durable and have lots of bells and whistles, but you pay a higher price for them. Wasp is an excellent new addition because she represents the USN’s attempt to float a carrier with the same capacity as the Yorktown on approximately 10k less displacement. Thus the 3-8-3 value. The 8VA in particular makes here extremely vulnerable to vital hits from Dive bombers, even a Press-the-Attack Judy with upgrades could land a vital on 8 vital. A single Expert Bomber is relatively unimpressive, while Fighter umbrella allows Wasp to move a fighter in the same way as Alaska’s SA. Airfield strike is always difficult to use in-game. You get some Bells and Whistles with the Wasp, but not the useful Expert SAs. The cost is much cheaper than the other US fleet carrier, reflecting the Wasp’s vulnerability. Cheap CAP is always useful, and you can combine the Wasp with other carriers that have useful Expert SAs. With their powerful AA, the US is in the best position to cover up the weakness of a low VA carrier. Powergaming Grade: B

This is a very interesting unit… Cheapest three-cap carrier in the game (and much cheaper than most of the U.S. options), with rather weak armor and moderate AA (especially by U.S. terms). The Fighter Umbrella SA is interesting, and, unlike the Alaska, allows you to move a fighter that's anywhere on the map, not just within three spaces, with -1 on each roll… Which probably isn't quite as good on the whole, but does allow for additional flexibility.

Overall, while it may not be quite as good as units such as, say, Shokaku on its own, it is an excellent unit to use alongside another carrier or two… Or three. You'll just have to watch out for enemy bombers (especially Kondors, what with their ASM), which, considering the AA capabilities of the USN, should be fairly manageable most of the time…

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