USS West Virginia

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Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Rare - 21/40


(R.B CZ Opening Salvo pt 4)
Upon its launch in 1921, West Virginia was one of the most powerful battleships in the world. During the interwar years it was one of the "Big Five," the most modern and heavily armed US battleships. The "Wee Vee" had a long history of excellent gunnery, winning several awards for its gunnery. Before the outbreak of the war, she received the CMAX-1 Radar during refit, allowing the ship to track and attack enemy units beyond visual range. On December 7th, 1941, West Virginia was one of the eight Pacific Fleet battleships moored along Battleship Row at Pearl Harbor. She was struck by multiple torpedo hits and settled to the bottom, heavily damaged. West Virginia was eventually raised and rebuilt in Puget Sound, rejoining the fleet in September 1944, just in time for the Battle of Leyte Gulf. West Virginia was part of the group of old US battleships that were assigned to block Surigao Strait. During the battle (the last battleship engagement), West Virginia hit the battleship Yamashiro with her first salvo and helped to crush the Japanese Southern Force.


The West Virginia represents the ship as she was in 1941. She's tough and hits hard for her cost, but her maximum speed of 21 knots equates to a Slow 2. Radar Solution, representing both the CXAM-1 Radar and excellence of the ship's gunnery, gives both a boost on the first attack and a bonus during darkness. With multiple batteries and reasonable defenses, attempt to close with the enemy and grab the objectives.
(From R.B. CZ Opening Salvo pt4)

This is the American Nagato: a below-50 battleship with a ton of guns and armor. It may be slow, but the main guns are nothing to laugh at and the secondaries, terts, and AA are decent too. What differentiates the two is Radar Solution, which pumps up your first attack and is invaluable in night games.

Tincancaptain: (after Condition Zebra)
When did this ship exist? She has the radar and AA abilities of after she was refit and the secondary tertiary armaments she had before sinking at Pearl. I'm used to ships and planes having their earliest availability and latest stats but this has both late and early armaments it is neither pre nor post refit?!? 6/10

Herky80: (after Condition Zebra)
The new Radar Solution SA should make night battles difficult for opponents who were once happy to avoid ER4 shots. One die might not sound like much, but when cracking that tough battleship armor or going for a vital, it could make a difference. And the West Virginia seems to be a great price for what you get.

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