Vasilissa Olga

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One of the newest ships in the Royal Hellenic Navy, Vasilissa Olga and her sister Vasilefs Georgios were British-built destroyers very similar to Britain's 'G'-class. When Greece fell to the Axis in the spring of 1941, Vasilissa Olga escaped to Alexandria, Egypt, and continued in the war. She fought for two years alongside the British Royal Navy in the Mediterranean and Red Sea. (Ironically, Vasilefs Georgios, sunk during the attack on Greece, was raised by the Germans and commissioned as the destroyer ZG3 — the only major German surface combatant active in the Mediterranean.) Vasilissa Olga gave good service to the Allied cause but was lost during the ill-fated Allied attempt to retake the Dodecanese Islands in September of 1943, one of the last major German victories of the war.

nrnstraswa (taken from RB's CZ Opening Salvos pt 2)


Vasilissa Olga is a fairly typical destroyer with a good ASW value. Although she lacks the destroyer functions of Sub-Hunting and Smoke Screen, her Chase ability provides her with excellent speed early in the game, and Evade Bombs gives her a fighting chance against enemy air attack when operating outside friendly air cover.
(From RB's CZ Opening Salvos pt 2)

Vasilissa Olga is a solid small DD for 7 points. Don't think of her as a Fletcher or Le Terrible but as an with improved gunnery, AA, and ASW. Use Chase to close with your opponents fleet then use Giorgios Averoff's Inspiring Example ability to boost Olga's torpedo attacks to 3/3/2.

Tincancaptain: (after Condition Zebra)
Decent 7 point destroyer good ASW and torpedoes. Guns and AA a bit light but to be expected for the price, Evade Bombs is an odd choice for a destroyer's SA. 8/10

Plastic Figure Notes:


Nice sculpt for a destroyer with minimal banana boat bending. The sculpt was later recylced as ZG3 and these two are still widley available in the bargain bins.

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