Vickers Machine Gun Team

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Base Set - Uncommon - 15/48
39-45 - Uncommon - 7/60

Historical Background:

The Vickers was a WW1 era machine gun. It had a crew of at least six men. Rate of fire was low compared to the German MG-34 or American Browning MG, but still acceptable and comparable to French and Italian MG's.

During the war, British machine gunners were organized into a battalion, with three companies of 12 machine guns each (plus a mortar company.) One of these battalions was assigned to each infantry division.


The Vickers is a pretty standard machine gun in AAM. Machine guns in AAM are intended to sit on or near the objective and mop up a ton of infantry.

Close range attacks from elite infantry are bad news for MG teams, and they often struggle to take out elite infantry at range. So you typically want to use something else to take out 5/5 infantry if possible.

Basic infantry units, on the other hand, fall prey to the Vickers at most ranges. Medium range attacks are the optimal range of engagement.

I personally prefers snipers to MG's as screens for my tanks. But since the UK doesn't have a sniper yet does have two vehicles that are the bane of infantry in the Stuart and Humber Scout Car, it's a tough choice between light tanks or armored cars or MG's in transports.

While the UK's transport options are limited, it does have two commanders with the Tally Ho! ability. An Inspiring Hero or Commander is usually sufficient to get a Vickers into action quickly, so you don't need to buy an obscenely expensive Beford truck on eBay to transport your MG's unless you really want to.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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