Vigilant Lieutenant

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Contested Skies - Uncommon - 45/45
Eastern Front - Uncommon - 60/60


This unit is currently the only Officer unit avaiable to Romania and as such i have to say the unit is not bad at all. It represents the Junior officers that quickly gained German tactics and training hence the +2 iniative rating, Higher Cammand levels might have been only +1.
The Unit has a nice special ability that gives your ATG's or other artillary +1 armour, This ability was derived from Romanian troops digging in outside Stalingrad as the offencive became defencive and Romanian artillary holding their ground in face of swarms of Soviet armour and infantry attacks. Sometimes swamped but on occasion holding in desparate situations like that of the Lascar Group during the Soviet counter offencive at Stalingrad. SA Defensive prepartion is good ability for any Axis artillary build in that ensures a longevity they otherwise wouldn't have. 8 points is a reasonable price and with a AI 7 at close range makes him capable of defending himself.

Plastic Figure Notes:

There are two paint jobs and cards, my preferce is the Contested Skies version as the paint job and card both look nicer.
The model is holding the indiginous Romanian SMG the Orita. He is also kneeling which suits him as he kneels beside gun crews to give advice on prepations and targets.

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