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The Vought SB2U Vindicator is an American carrier-based dive bomber. It was the first monoplane dive-bomber of its type for the U.S Navy. The Vindicator also saw service with the French navy. These French Vindicator varients were known as the V-156-F. The French Vindicators were first used on the aircraft carrier Bearn, from there carrier tactics and trainings were applied. However, age and time caught up with the French carrier, and therefore Bearn was reassigned to aircraft ferrying duties. The Vindicators were put ashore and became land-based in France. When Germany invaded France, these Vindicators sustained heavy losses while attacking bridges and German ground targets in Northern France. By the time of France's surrender, there were very few Vindicators left in French hands, and the type was phased out of service.

Performance wise, the Vindicator was not as good as the venerable SBD Dauntless. American pilots refered to the planes as "vibrators" or "wind indicators". In addition, the SB2U did not have (reliable) diveflaps, but featured a reverse pitch propeller to slow the aircraft during a dive. Vindicator pilots had to extend their landing gear to further slow the aircraft down.


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