Von der Tann

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Battle Line - N/A- 48/72


The P class was a group of twelve heavy cruisers of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine; they were the successor to the Deutschland-class cruisers. Design work began in 1937 and continued until 1939; at least nine designs were considered. The final design was armed with six 28 cm (11 in) quick-firing guns in two triple turrets, as in the preceding Deutschland class. The ships were designated as Panzerschiff (armored ship), and given the preliminary names P1–P12. They were an improved design over the preceding planned D-class cruisers, which had been canceled in 1934. Although the ships were already assigned to shipyards, construction never began on the P-class ships after the O-class battlecruiser design superseded them.



Von Der Tann: Sort of like a mini Alaska, I am not really a fan of the pocket battleships in the game since they cost pretty much the same as 2 light cruisers and are essentially almost as vunerable as just 1 of them. The Von Der Tann here improves on that with increased durability for 6 points more and adds split fire which will help with dealing with swarms. The problem Von Der Tann faces is the same as the Alaska there is always going to be bigger fish in the sea who will target it either hoping for an easy 26 point vital or ripping it apart with torpedoes.

3 Stars

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