Vospers MTB

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Surface Action - Common - 8/40


Taken from flavor text on stat card:

The Vospers motor torpedo boats served in the Royal Navy Costal Forces command, operating mainly in the English Channel and North Sea. In addition to attacking German convoys and defending against German S-Boats, they often landed secret agents and supported clandestine operations in France and Norway.


Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation

MTBs were certainly underutilized and somewhat weaker in general compared to the other fleet types. The Vospers moves to correct that. It retains the typical MTB cost, at 6. But it gains an additional torpedo at Range-2, and can conceivably generate a few VPs per game. Any ability to generate VPs is most useful in a 100 point contest but it is always difficult to generate enough to make a significant impact on the game. While these additions improve the Vospers, MTBs remain difficult to play. Powergaming Grade: B

Plastic Figure Notes:

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