War At Sea

Wage War Upon the Waves!
With 64 authentically detailed miniatures assemble fleets of the finest vessels to ever do battle on, under, or above the sea in World War II. Fast-paced and action-packed, this exciting, miniatures game lets players recreate historical battles or go head-to-head in competitive warfare raging across massive 30”x40” battle map.

64 authentically detailed carriers, battleships, destroyers, cruisers, submarines, aircraft and other vessels from WWII .
Unique ships—such as the BB Bismarck, IJN Yamato, and the USS Enterprise—feature their distinctive markings and camouflage.
Abilities and statistics of units are based on their historical performances in battle.
Prepainted, durable plastic—fully assembled and ready to play, right out of the box.
Larger (Rare) ships have moving parts (turrets/main guns)
Double-sided battle maps allow the creation of massive 30”x40” battlefields that can be customized with the double-sided island cards

War at Sea Two-Player Starter Set

9 randomized, prepainted, durable plastic miniatures
Full-color game stat cards
2 double-sided full-color battle maps
6 island cards
8 six-sided dice
Advanced Rules booklet
Quick Start booklet
Damage counters


War at Sea Booster Pack

5 randomized, prepainted, durable plastic miniatures
Full-color game stat cards
Set checlist
Rules not included


1 Aus HMAS Canberra Cruiser R
2 Aus HMAS Sydney Cruiser U
3 Fr Gloire Cruiser U
4 Fr Le Terrible Destroyer C
5 Fr Richelieu Battleship R
6 UK HMS Ajax Cruiser U
7 UK HMS Ark Royal Carrier R
8 UK HMS Exeter Cruiser R
9 UK HMS Hood Battleship R
10 UK HMS Javelin Destroyer C
11 UK HMS Rodney Battleship R
12 UK HMS Truculent Sub C
13 UK Sea Hurricane Mk 1B Aircraft C
14 UK Swordfish Mk II Aircraft C
15 US F4F Wildcat Aircraft C
16 US PBY Catalina Aircraft U
17 US PT Boat Torpedo Boat C
18 US SBD Dauntless Aircraft C
19 US SS Jeremiah O'Brien Auxiliary U
20 US TBD Devastator Aircraft C
21 US USS Atlanta Cruiser U
22 US USS Baltimore Cruiser R
23 US USS Barb Sub
24 US USS Boise Cruiser U
25 US USS Enterprise Carrier R
26 US USS Fletcher Destroyer C
27 US USS Iowa Battleship R
28 US USS Princeton Carrier R
29 US USS Salt Lake City Cruiser R
30 US USS Samuel B Roberts Destroyer C
31 US USS St. Lo Carrier U
32 US USS Tennessee Battleship R
33 US USS Washington Battleship R
34 Ge Admiral Graf Spee Cruiser R
35 Ge Bismarck Battleship R
36 Ge FW 200 Kondor Aircraft U
37 Ge Ju 87B Stuka Aircraft C
38 Ge Koln Cruiser U
39 Ge Nordmark Auxiliary U
40 Ge Scharnhorst Battleship R
41 Ge U-510 Sub C
42 Ge Z-20 Karl Galster Destroyer C
43 It Ambra Sub C
44 It Bolzano Crusier R
45 It Emanuele Filiberto Duca d'Aosta Cruiser U
46 It Luca Tarigo Destroyer C
47 It Motor Torpedo Boat Torpedo Boat C
48 It Vittorio Veneto Battleship R
49 Ja A6M2 "Zeke" Aircraft C
50 Ja Akagi Carrier R
51 Ja B5N2 "Kate" Aircraft C
52 Ja D3A "Val" Aircraft C
53 Ja G4M "Betty" Aircraft U
54 Ja I-19 Sub C
55 Ja Jintsu Cruiser U
56 Ja Kinai Maru Auxiliary U
57 Ja Kongo Battleship R
58 Ja Myoko Cruiser R
59 Ja Shoho Carrier U
60 Ja Shokaku Carrier R
61 Ja Tone Cruiser R
62 Ja Type 13 Subchaser Destroyer C
63 Ja Yamato Battleship R
64 Ja Yukikaze Destroyer C

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