Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

North Africa - Rare - 49/60

Historical Background:

The Eastern Front took the biggest part of the Wespe production and the first Panzerartillerie Abteilung equipped with this vehicle appeared in March 1943. They saw extensive service alongside the Hummel, first at Kursk, then on all three Eastern fronts. They were so successful that, after reading reports, Hitler ordered all other conversions base on the Panzer II chassis to be stopped and reserved for the Wespe only. By the summer of 1944 some Abteilungen were sent in Normandy as reinforcements. They fought in Italy as well, taking part in the pounding of Allied forces in the Anzio pocket and defending the Caesar and Gustav lines. No less than 36 Panzer divisions, including SS and special units received Wespes, seeing active service on all fronts after 1943. By March 1945 307 were still in service. The crews praised its reliability and mobility but despised the lack of protection, both in thickness and height. The fighting compartment was also very cramped. The loaders working at the back end of the superstructure were the most exposed.

- Source: www.tanks-encyclopedia.com


The Hummel, at just 4 more points, is far more powerful than this unit… But the overall diagnosis is the same; use with spotters to threaten infantry and medium/ light tanks at significant ranges. This won't do as well against enemy units (both AI and AV stats are weaker at long range and it lacks the Blast SA), but it should do alright.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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