Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Rare - 59/60




While hardly the best Axis Battleship (BB) or a real game breaker, the Yamashiro is one of my favorite units. However, if you can free up five points, go get the Nagato (better vital, much better main guns, and 1 more flag rating). If you can't, don't feel too slighted, the Yamashiro will do just fine.

When stacked up against USS Tennessee or USS California (similar ships from Japan's most common foe), she will do fine with a little finesse. Keep them at range 3 until you win initiative, and then rush in range 2 or closer for a fairly even fight. If you can bring just one IJN destroyer with you, the American ships have very weak secondaries and an Isokaze or the like can really tip the scales.

Speaking of secondaries, the Fuso class really does have excellent anti-destroyer guns and will stand up well while trying to capture objectives. Her AA is decent and her Armor and Vital are average for ships of this cost.

Some things to be cautious of… If you think your opponent will be taking a 50+ point Allied BB, use some other means of facing it (other than Yamashiro), or at least knock out its Extended Range before closing to range 4. Versus cruisers (especially Allied cruisers) this is an excellent unit. I highly recommend using IJN planes to attack Allied BBs and this unit to hunt all other surface craft (but be careful facing DDs).


Nagato is much better for only 5 pts more, or Kongo and Haruna are much cheaper and have better guns.
She is a tough ship though, with ER4, flag 1, good armour, and TD she can take an objective and brawl with allied cruisers, shame about masked guns though.

The main gunnery is actually pretty good for the price if you win initiative… If you're not likely to win initiative all that often, though, Nagato is only 5 more points and Fuso is a mere one point more, and both are superior…

Plastic Figure Notes:


This is such a unique and cool looking battleship. The miniature disappoints though, the middle turrets don't turn, and the outer turrets are thin, floppy and wont rotate without great effort, something which is hard to do considering the flimsiness of the turrets. There also are problems with superstructures glued in at an angle, which can be especially worse on Yamashiro with its very tall structure.

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