Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Rare - 63/64



The Yamato was the largest Japanese battleship, with the largest broadside in the world. She was armed with 9 18" guns and a incredible amount of anti-aircraft guns. Despite this, she and her sister Musashi did not actually join the fighting until 1944, at the Battle of Leyte Gulf. There, the Japanese opened fire on Taffy 3, starting the Battle off Samar. After being repulsed by what they believed was a superior enemy fleet, Yamato and her escorts withdrew.

Due to dwindling fuel supplies, the Yamato would not fight again until 1945, when she was sent on her final , one-way mission at Okinawa. There, she fought off carrier strikes until she succumbed and sank.


Yamato is the beast of War At Sea. At 70 points, you get the heaviest armored and the battleship with the highest firepower. She is one tough nut to crack and extremely difficult to sink. On the flip side, not much survives contact with her. Yamato also has a flag value for her being the flagship of the Combined Fleet. However, she is also one of the most expensive pieces in the game. At low level games, one can't built much support around her. Yamato is similar to the King Tiger of AAM: defeat anything in its path, but not much else support around it.

It's easy to see what we get for 70pts, armour 10, vital 16, hull 6, good secondaries and flag 2,
but lets look at what we don't get for 70points: we don't get ER5, we don't get AA9 or even 8, we don't get 17 main guns at range 2, and we don't get any interesting Special abilities.

Many gamers now prefer Musashi. At four points less, she has most of the benefits of Yamato, as well as the useful AA barrage SA. She does give up some secondary power and flag-2, but these are usually reasonable trade-offs.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Simply fantastic, easily the best mini i have seen so far, and better than her sister Musashi.

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