Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Common - 64/64



Yukikaze is one of the units that was solid in Set 1, but has been eclipsed by subsequent releases.

At 12 points, she's expensive, deploys relatively limited AA and ASW capabilities, and like all destroyers is fragile. However she packs one whale of a punch with her long-lance torpedoes. So, she was once a staple component of all Japanese "torpedo swarm" fleets.

But now Japan has better options. Yukikaze's Night Fighter SA is rarely useful***—if she survives to turn 4, she can re-roll one weak gunnery attack. Yawn. For the same 12 points you can get Shigure, loaded with useful SAs, for 11 points you can take Isokaze which adds better ASW and Sub Hunter capabilities, or for 10 points you can take the AA specialist Akitsuki. In that company, sadly, the otherwise decent Yukikaze is the ugly stepsister.

(***Note that the Night Fighter SA is slightly more valuable under night battle rules, which are currently rarely used but may become more common with the revised starter set. In this case the ship also avoids a -1 penalty for nighttime gunnery attacks. Still, the value of this is limited given that Yukikaze's offensive power lies primarily in torpedoes.)

yeah theres no reason to take this over the other Japanese destroyers and she is too expensive also.

May, on some rare occasions, have some use in night games, but even then, the other options are probably a bit better.

Plastic Figure Notes:

i like the details, but mine is slightly banana shaped hehe.

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