Z 20 Karl Galster

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Common - 42/64



Before the introduction of the Bf 109 gave the Germans fighter protection, this little ship was practically a must have for bolstering anti-air defense. The Close Escort SA meant a Galster could be thrown into an already full sector, thus adding an extra AA attack (plus guns and torpedoes if it got into range). While no longer a necessity for the Germans, Karl Galster is still nice to have along: a third ship in a sector is a nice way to concentrate the force of more ships in a smaller area.

the trick with this class of ship is getting into range 1 to get the torpedoes to come into play. Along with the Zg3 (class limited to 1) it is the only Axis Close escort ship. While it is tied for last place in terms of its ASW ability, it might be the only DD that makes it to the middle of the board to make those attacks, as it can be covered by 2 larger ships with Good AA. 2 of these and a Zg3 might just be the only destroyers in a 9 ship, 3 sector build.

If you don't need the close escort SA, the class sister Z 18 Hans Ludeman offers more attack power for the same price and stats.

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