Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Infamy - N/A- 47/72



The sister to the Vaunted Z-32, she is arguably better, or worse.
In exchange for the Sub Hunter, you receive destroyer leader, which gifts you an invaluable +1 on your initiative, and BWF, another great SA. This seems to make it better, but there is another major difference between the Z-29 and her later sister. The Z-29 drops 1 dice per range, going from a 6/6/5/4, to 5/5/4/3. They disappear, leaving her not quite so powerful. As unattractive as the drop makes her seem versus her sister, don't forget, she still bass far better gunnery than any other Tin Can in the game. She is probably not best used in doubles, but accompanying Z-32s, giving a initiative boost, and hiding in smoke or squalls when the going gets tough. Be careful, however. She becomes an instant target for air, as her destruction deprives you of that extra initiative.
Solo, fight her very much like you would fight the Z-32.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Z-32 (1936A Mob class) could be used as a proxy though not identical

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