Z 32

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Common - 27/40



Kreigsmarine players, rejoice! Finally, we have a powerful destroyer! Z32 has gunnery unrivaled by any destroyer in WAS, especially with its range-3 attack that gives it a tremendous advantage over its tin can competition. In addition, it has Sub Hunter and a very good torpedo armament as well. At nine points, it's expensive but very much worth it.

Tears of Joy and sorrow when this unit is played. Torps and Guns make this a good fighter, but only IJN ships cost more for 2 hull and 2 armor. A great unit for sure, more likely than any other unit in the game to take the sub hunt move, and then not make an ASW attack, as such a move can get it into range for an extra torpedo or gain a range 3 attack. After it gets into such an advantageous position, it is often the first unit to die.

This unit is well known for its range 3 gunnery attack, and is often targeted for that reason. when overlooked, Allies players really get mad when you engage them in a one sided destroyer gun battle. Operating a pair of these is handy, for 2 range 3 shots to sink a would be sub killing DD's while remaining immune to Extended range (going where cruisers fear to tread).

often overlooked, its 8 vital armor is key to surviving cruiser main gun and bomb attacks.

Fights better than the Scipione Africano - any player taking that unit better need the speed or hull point - otherwise the Z32 should take its place in the build instead.

Probably the best non-Japanese destroyer in the game. Powerful guns (for a destroyer) reaching out to range 3 and decent torps. You'd be a fool to leave this out of any German build.

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