Z 18 Hans Lüdemann

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 40/60



Z18 (its only official name) is a much better unit in game than it was in the actual war. If you are dealing with enemy subs or have an island rich map, Z18 gives you two useful special abilities. Sub Hunter, while hardly unique, is invaluable for ASW and really is a force multiplier. Using Z18s in pairs with a Karl Galster is an excellent way to deal with subs and (given island cover) can really mess with larger ships. Which is where Valiant Stand comes in. Having the extra die for Battleship torpedo runs greatly increases the chances of a hit. At 8 points Z18 are well costed and in larger games you almost have to have them.

While average for a destroyer, Z18's pair of SAs makes it a great unit. Being able to serve as an "early battle" sub destroyer and still be a legitimate threat to battleships and a dangerous threat to cruisers (if you can close… might be nice to take a Karlsruhe to help with that) really gives it a role throughout the entire battle.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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