Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

V - Common - 24/39



Identical stats to Vasilissa Olga. An inexpensive destroyer with good SAs…and it won't be historically out of place in your Italian fleet!

This unit is perfect for RM build. If you can give it fighter cover, a single Sector with Zg3 + pegaso + pegaso/z 32 should make even the bravest sub skipper run the other way - 3x (sub hunt and 5asw). With a class limit of 1, this unit will never be the center piece of a build, But at cost 7, it can be in just about all builds. It competes for a place in a build with the other euro axis escort ship, the Z 20 Karl G. If you were grouping ships into sectors of 3 for air defense, take the z20. Zg3's only real draw back is what you would expect for 7 points; low vital armor.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Actually a decent sculpt for a DD but like most WOTC DDs suffers from banana boat syndrome.

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